Introducing the Cabcharge Digital Pass

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At Cabcharge we are committed to putting more passengers in more taxis, more often.

Our latest innovation is the Cabcharge Digital Pass. This provides a seamless experience for account clients. Cabcharge passengers are now able to pay simply by tapping their smartphone on the Cabcharge PinPad.

Our team has leveraged the latest technology and development methods to bring this feature to you. Please watch below to learn more about the making of the Cabcharge Digital Pass.

How to accept the Cabcharge Digital Pass

Accepting the Cabcharge Digital Pass is very easy. Please watch the video below to learn how you can process the Cabcharge Digital Pass.

VX810 PIN pads deactivated

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As we’ve previously advised, support for the old style VX810 PIN pads have now ceased. Please go to your local installer to have it upgraded to the current VX820 model to ensure your Cabcharge Electronic Payment Terminal continues to work. Make sure you also update your taxi’s old FAREWAY “silver box” to FAREWAYplus at the same time.


Important changes for any Hire Cars, Charter Vehicles, Private Hire, Shuttles and any other non-Taxi vehicles in your fleet.

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In May, the Payments System Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia announced new Standards relating to card payments. The changes start from 1 September 2016.

The new Standards apply to MasterCard, Visa and some American Express credit card systems, and the eftpos, MasterCard and Visa debit card and prepaid card systems. As a result of this change, Cabcharge is no longer able to accept these cards, using Cabcharge merchant facilities, electronic or paper, from 29 August for Hire Care merchants. If we feel you may be affected we shall be writing to you with specific details.


These new Standards do not apply to payment in taxis and there are no changes for taxis in your fleet. The changes do apply to payments in other personalised or point to point transport. For updated information on how this may affect you, please visit our Cabcharge Merchant Partners website at

Faces Behind the Names

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At Cabcharge, our Merchant and EFTPOS Support staff are on the phone every day assisting with enquiries. So to put faces to names, here are some updates:

David Lao, our Manager for Merchant Partners was spotted recently in far north Queensland at Townsville Taxi’s 50thAnniversary dinner where he met with some of Townsville’s most respected taxi veterans and also dignitaries – including Bob Katter!

Spoz Chellos is our EFTPOS Production & Support Manager.

With a wealth of knowledge in taxi systems, equipment and installations, Spoz is also well known and respected in the taxi industry.

Kristy Ostens is Executive Assistant to our Chief Operating Officer, Fred Lukabyo.

Kristy has been with the team for the last 18 months and ensures that our Merchants operation stays smooth and on schedule.

Our EFTPOS Support team works together to manage the stock and distribution of Cabcharge terminals across Australia.

From left to right: Aynul, Emily, Spoz, Uma, Tim, and Alex are pictured in this photo inside the EFTPOS Support department.

Return of Cabcharge Equipment

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We ask all our valued Installers to promptly return to our office any faulty and or any unused Cabcharge equipment, for example if you receive entire kits but are only performing a partial replacement. Cabcharge pays invoices upon receiving back equipment from the swap out – these include Printers, PIN pads,FAREWAYplus and GPS Antennas. This will ensure Cabcharge always has parts available for all Installers when requested.

Watch Out For The New Cabcharge FLEXeTICKET

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The new FLEXeTICKET is our latest offering to Cabcharge account holders. The FLEXeTICKET is a blue, single trip card with usage restrictions printed on the back and programmed in to the ticket.

It is important to remember that these tickets have processing controls including:

  • Maximum fare
  • Validity restrictions such as weekdays only (or weekends)
  • Restricted hours of use

As with FASTeTICKETs, just tap the terminal to process. If the fare is higher than the FLEXeTICKET maximum, the terminal will process the maximum and display any balance to pay.

The balance can be paid with another ticket, a card or cash.


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FAREWAYplus roll out is continuing at a great pace and we would like to thank you for your assistance. As we have already explained, FAREWAYplus replaces the FAREWAY payment system which only operates on the Telstra 2G network, soon to be discontinued by Telstra, so please continue to update your payment system to FAREWAYplus as soon as you can.

Goodbye to old VX810 PIN Pads

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As previously advised, our new switch means that support for the old style VX810 PIN pads will stop by 30 June 2016. For the few that still have those old terminals, please take the time to visit your local installer to quickly update your PIN pad to the current VX820 before the end of the month to ensure your terminal continues to work. Make sure you change the taxi’s “silver box” to FAREWAYplus at the same time.