Turning on the terminal

Simply press and hold the HOME button to power on your FAREWAYplus to turn on your terminal.

Starting your shift in Victoria

Use your MPTP card to start your shift and follow the instructions on the screen to log in.

Starting your shift

Remember to always start your shift before you start driving.

Processing a credit card payment

Use our terminal to process credit cards for a seamless payment experience for you and your passengers.

Processing Cabcharge Payments: FastCards, eTICKETs and Gift Cards

Learn how to process Cabcharge FASTCARDs, eTICKETs and Gift Cards. You can even tap Cabcharge cards on the meter app.

Processing a Cabcharge Digital Pass Payment

Processing the Digital Pass is easy. See how you can get started.

Processing Apple Pay

Learn how to process an Apple Pay payment through your terminal by tapping the passenger’s Apple device.

Processing Google Pay

Learn how to process a Google Pay payment through your terminal by tapping the passenger’s google device.

Processing 13cabs and Silver Service App payments

If your passenger booked the trip through one of these apps and has chosen to pay through them, just press the app button.

Processing an Alipay payment

Earn more with Alipay on your Cabcharge terminal. Learn how you can accept Alipay payments.

Processing an MPTP payment in Victoria

If your passenger has an MPTP subsidy card, follow these simple steps to process the subsidy payments.

Processing a TSS payment

If your passenger has a TSS subsidy card, follow these simple steps to process the fare payments.

Processing a split payment

See how you can help your passengers do a split payment to share the cost of the fare between themselves.

Prepaying for a trip in Victoria

Learn how to accept a pre-paid fare.

Performing a balance query on a Cabcharge eTicket

Learn how to find query the balance of an eTicket

Looking at the receipt menu

Learn how to print shift totals, clear last receipt, print last receipt and print a cash receipt.

Processing Tips

learn how you can enable the tip option on your Cabcharge terminal.

Turning tips on/off during your shift

Learn how to turn tipping on and off when you need it during your shift.

Checking meter connection: Ping meter

Double check the meter connection if you are experiencing issues.


These are some ways to get in contact with our team if you ever encounter any issues with our payment terminal.

Ending your shift

Please follow these steps and log out after every shift to ensure that your transactions are processed correctly.