Hire Car and Taxi Terminals

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Cabcharge would like to remind Merchant Partners and Authorised Installers to avoid swapping terminal IDs between taxis and hire cars. As both businesses are fundamentally different to each other, each terminal ID is associated with different software depending on the type of business each operator operates.

This means if a hire car terminal ID is used for a terminal in a taxi, the terminal would be running hire car software, which increases the risk of transactions processed by the terminal to be charged back and may have inappropriate service fees.

FAREWAYplus Rollout Team

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Telstra has informed they wish us to leave 2G by 1 September 2016, and they want to discontinue the network by 1 December 2016.

We’ve assembled a Cabcharge FAREWAYplus rollout team to help our Merchant Partners rollout the new payment system to ensure the system remains operable when the 2G network gets turned off.

The team successfully navigated NSW to install hundreds of terminals since February and is constantly looking for places where they can lend a hand with installation and demonstrate the new payment system.

Please email merchants@cabcharge.com.au if you’d like to book our installations team to help with a FAREWAYplus upgrade in your fleet.

End of Service for Cabcharge 3 Button and NEXTGEN Model Taxi Meters

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This is a reminder that Cabcharge has advised that we will no longer service the 3 Button and NEXTGEN Cabcharge taxi meters from 1 June 2016. Fare changes and tolling updates may not be available from this date.

If you are having issues with your current taxi meter, why not upgrade to the FAREWAYplus payment system and take advantage of the inbuilt taxi meter app. For more information, contact your local installer or visit merchants.cabcharge.com.au/FAREWAYplus

Tell All Drivers to Watch Out For Fraud

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Fraud affects all of us in the industry and harms relationships between Cabcharge, Taxi Networks, Operators, Drivers and most of all, Passengers.

There are a number of precautions that drivers must take to protect themselves from fraudulent transactions, such as:

  • CASH OUTS – Do not give cash out to passengers who pay by card
  • TRIP REFUNDS –  Do not take an upfront payment and give a cash refund to the passenger
  • COLLUSION – Do not work with passengers to defraud the system
  • KEEP CONTROL OF THE EFTPOS TERMINAL – Passengers should have the terminal to enter PINs when required, but should not be entering amounts or codes into the terminal.

Please include these messages in your driver communications, training, newsletters and over the air.

Cabcharge takes an active approach in reducing fraud by reporting suspicious activity to police.

New Cabcharge FASTCARD

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Keep an eye out for our new Cabcharge FASTCARD, which will be launched in early 2016.

The new blue FASTCARD does not require drivers to do anything different to how they currently process the gold FASTCARD. As with the gold FASTCARD, the new card can be tapped against the contactless symbol or inserted in the Cabcharge terminal to process a transaction.

Please also note that drivers may still process gold FASTCARDs that have not expired.


– David


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FAREWAYplus offers much improved coverage and faster transactions on all major credit, debit and Cabcharge products.

Bringing you the latest in payments technology, FAREWAYplus is an innovative smart device that can run additional Taxi apps to extend its functions. The most popular is the Meter app that effectively turns the FAREWAYplus into a fully functional Taxi Meter.

To watch a demonstration video of the Meter app on the FAREWAYplus device, please visit our website on merchants.cabcharge.com.au/farewayplus. There is an opportunity to show us your interest and we’ll be in touch to organise to have FAREWAYplus installed in your fleet right away.

– David

Email Receipt Trials

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We are excited to announce that we are currently trialling email receipts for Cabcharge customers. These assist account customers with expense tracking and management, and save time at the kerb side for your drivers.

Soon, Cabcharge customers will be able to request to have their receipt automatically sent to their email at the end of a trip. Not only does this improve expense management for your customers, but over time passengers may not require a printed copy of their receipt, saving drivers time at the kerb side.

The driver will not have to do anything new.

– David

EFTPOS Support Team and Extended Hours

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As part of a renewed effort to improve the support and service we offer our Merchant partners we have increased the size of our EFTPOS and Merchant support teams.

Our focus is not only responding to any enquiries as promptly as possible but to ensure our staff possess the skills and knowledge to provide you the best possible service.

Of the many people in the Cabcharge family, you should probably get to know our EFTPOS support team consisting of the Manager Adam Soliman and team members Lang Nguyen and Aamir Chaudhary.

Our Merchant support team includes Manager David Lao, Ali Yaseen and Kristy Ostens. We have also increased the number of technical support staff to implement better quality control processes when preparing equipment for the field.

Our objective is to improve the quality and reliability of the Cabcharge Payments device so drivers and passengers enjoy a better user experience. We look forward to communicating more initiatives over the ensuring months.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 9332 9291.